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Agenda Evangélica


Data: 30 Novembro / Quarta-feira

Local: 2XYcC4gxOW

Informações: 75BYWHSWwM9A /

Thank you for the supplementary news ?? !!>> ... ?????? ??? ???? ?? ?? ? ?? ????? >> ... ??????????? ??????? ??????????? ?? ? ?? ????????Let's not fogert that both sides have undergone tremendous social-economic-political changes since the late 1970's. For example: During the Cultural Revolution, who would have predicted that China would ever give up state-owned businesses and follow the western world's "private enterprise" model? Who would have thought of implementing economic reform and buying up US debts? Taiwan too has gone thru some tough economic and ideology transformations as well. So, changes are happening and more are possible.Meanwhile, both parties will need to keep an eye out on the global scene which is also changing quickly in terms of geo-political and economic stability, climate change, public health and the environment, attacks by extremists, and distribution of strategic resources. Sometimes, it's better to let sleeping dog lie. When issues are not ready to be resolved by people, time and not force may be the best catalyst in the longer term.